Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Something I do When I Write

As an author I think an idea should never go to waste, even if you never make something of it you should at least write it down and plan to do work with it. Well, at least that is what I do. I write down any idea that I have, give it a cast list, an outline, a book marketing plan, and ect. When I plan a cast I love to have a picture to inspire me on what someone looks like, what some place looks like, and ect. (I seem to use ect a lot to day.) I collect this pictures all over the place, ads, clothing websites, random websites, tv cast pictures, and even so low as porn sites that I or my boyfriend (whomever they are at the time) visit alone or together. Of course I crop the pictures, cutting down to just the woman or man's head so that I have no nudity and so that I see their real beauty.

Author Image

Okay, random moment but I have got to admit that pink looking necklace is not really a necklace, it is a kitten collar from Pet Co, when my cat out grew it I found that when I lengthened it all the way it fight, tightly, but it fit and I fell in love with it. Talk about recycling fashion, but I don't have it anymore, a needy kitten of my friends does, and may she enjoy it :) PS I'm not blonde right now either, sadly, I miss being blonde but I can't Arched Wing calls for a reddy brown.

First Post

First blog posts are always the most horrid posts to write. It is isn't like writting a novel and just letting the words of suspense and passion shape the page just like a rushing river carves a mountain side. No, writting a blog feels different, and in a way, is different. Sometimes it comes across too personal, filled with OMG and WTF all the time. Other times it has a stiff, informational feel to dialog, as if the author is tossing quotes from a text book at you. It seems like it is a rare thing to get a blog post correct, espically for a first posting.

Now to enter my ode to text book moment and tell you what the blog is about, just in case your wonder why an author is rambling on and on. This blog is my personal blog for my writting and my passions in film, fashion, and manga. I will admit, my name is Katherine and I am a post-oholic, I've been sober for ten second now, well maybe not even that. So, if you love my writting, my movies, or just are totally board and didn't mean to find this, now you know what this blog is about: Me.